Friday, October 26, 2007


I thought this was clever.

Via oomsa.

On an unrelated note, creekcafe's DNS is currently down. This prevents me from finding out that nothing is going on in the Caseysphere.


Akubi said...

For some reason I'm vaguely reminded of my childhood fascination with the 1970's version of the Milton Bradley Battleship game.
I got such joy out of shouting "Battleship down!" (when I was on a winning spree) without taking it at all in context as to what it might symbolize. Win-win!

Akubi said...

While I was trying aka Googling to find the version of the game I played, I was disturbed to find all of these completely unrelated references in Urban Dictionary.

#2 was my understanding:
2. battleship 19 up, 18 down

A fun game that teaches little children to play nice, as well as naval warfare tactics.


You sunk my battleship!

by IrishRepublicanArmy Dec 12, 2003 email it