Monday, December 17, 2007

Anyone else getting Ron Paul spam from Moosetard?

I don't reacall giving the little bastard my e-mail address. He must've gotten it from Casey.


Akubi said...

Yes. I just checked my Yahoo! address that I often forget about, but used for Casey posts and received "Who is Ron Paul?"

Anonymous said...

I get Ron Paul spam all the time.

Anonymous said...

Casey Serin is a big time a**hole. He will sell his soul to the Devil for a few bucks. He collects emails on his old blog and put it on his email list. If you attempt to remove your email from his distribution list, you'll get a whole bunch of "Mail undeliverable" message. Apparently, he uses your email as the "From" person when he spams (or the spam company he sells your email addresses to). The guy is a total scum. He should goto jail